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Women in Electronics Annual Leadership Development Summit – A Global Event!

Why sponsor? This event is designed to provide the development opportunities and resources necessary to motivate industry talent to take their careers to the next level! 

How can your organization benefit? Send your teams to our “Level Up” event, where the sessions are designed to provide the tools, strategies, and confidence necessary to advance careers at an exponential rate. Whether it's a seasoned leader or a professional at the beginning stages of their career journey, this event will be valuable because it will be a unique opportunity to network with other like-minded peers and mentors in the electronics industry and related end user markets. Your team will come back feeling motivated, inspired, and ready to go to the next level!

WE needs your support! By popular demand, we are leveling up our Annual Conference for 2023! In addition to the September 19-21 conference in San Diego, California, we are excited to announce the addition of a European location, with a Summit being held at the McLaren Applied facility in the United Kingdom April 20.

Our Inaugural European Summit will be a one-day impactful event. Talent should come prepared to participate, both men and women, where they will hear from leading industry experts, guest speakers, and participate in workshops with colleagues regarding critical local leadership and all-industry topics.

The Annual Leadership Conference in San Diego, CA will be packed with sessions specifically curated to help attendees level up both personally and professionally, with a welcome reception and networking dinner day one, targeted content for ladies in leadership day two, and uniting with our male colleagues for all-industry topics, thought leadership, and development day three.

Don't miss this opportunity to support WE by sponsoring today!