Connecting the Industry

"The mentorship program experience has been a great two way learning process. We both have been able to suggest out of the box thought provoking ideas to address issues and concerns. Heartfelt discussions led to good problem solving with gratifying results. As a mentor I really enjoyed learning how to help someone step by step to understand and reach goals we set. I also made a new friend along the way." - Terri Straube

"Monica Highfill, VP of Sales Kemet has supported me with enthusiasm and a keen depth of knowledge. Monica is a lifelong learner that allowed me to learn about her career journey. Our meetings are insightful and have allowed for me ways of looking at my own career and new directions. I value our time and I am appreciative to have had this wonderful experience." - Sharon Mohr

"The WE Mentorship Program is an exceptional way for women to connect, provide guidance and help individuals achieve their personal and professional goals. Being a Mentor in our WE Mentorship Program has been a rewarding experience, and I have been fortunate to get to know and work collaboratively with another professional woman in electronics! I am hopeful we are able to expand this program in the future." - Cindy Eldridge

We are proud to announce the launch of the Women in Electronics Mentorship Program! This program will provide WE members the exclusive benefit of participating in a flagship program that connects an industry and provides access to mentors and leadership development guidance.

Program Goals:
• Leadership training: helping our members develop their leadership abilities.
• Skill development: assisting our members in meeting their career goals by learning new capabilities and improving on existing capabilities.
• Succession planning: adding to our bench strength for future women leaders and helping them grow within their own organizations. The WE Mentorship program is also a way to help the overall talent retention and recruitment within the industry.
• Enhancing relationships among WE members: building friendships and productive relationships among WE membership can lead to enhanced support and leadership skills.
• Diversity promotion: Encourages and empower women to reach the next level of career development by gaining critical leadership guidance for their professional lives. 

Mentorship Value:
• According to a five-year University of Pennsylvania study, mentees were promoted 5 times more frequently and mentors, 6 times more often, than those who were not in a mentor program. 
• In a Harvard Business Review survey of Fortune 500 CEOs, participants listed having a mentor as the number one component of their success. The survey also found:
    ○ 84% said mentors had helped them avoid costly mistakes
    ○ 84% become proficient in their roles faster
    ○ 69% were making better decisions
Research also shows millennials intending to stay with their organization for more than five years are twice as likely to have a mentor and are 70% more likely to achieve their goals if they are shared with someone to keep them accountable, such as a mentor

Benefits of Becoming a Mentee or Mentor:
Access to leadership talent
and valuable career advice

Objective feedback from someone
outside your organization

Exposure to new ideas
and ways of thinking

Advice on cultivating strengths
and overcoming weaknesses

Guidance on professional development
and enhancement

Develop new skills and knowledge
Gain a leadership
perspective at every career stage
Share knowledge and experience
Recognition as a subject
matter expert and leader
Exposure to fresh perspectives,
ideas and approaches
Satisfaction from helping another
woman in the industry
Reflection on your own experiences
to evaluate future goals
Development of your personal
leadership and coaching style
Opportunity to build a
new relationship

How to Join WE's Mentorship Program:
We are accepting applications for the next cohort which will begin in early 2022.

Please click on the appropriate registration button below to begin your application process. Upon completion of the application, your information will be reviewed by the Mentorship Committee. Due to high demand, if your application is not chosen for the current round, your information will be retained and considered for the next program start date.

Each WE Mentorship Program will last approximately 6 months and each mentor and mentee pair will meet at a minimum of twice per month for approximately 1 hour. Mentees will be paired with a mentor to receive advice on identifying and achieving professional and personal goals while gaining a strategic leadership perspective. Mentors will have the opportunity to give back, further their own leadership development, and build a broader network.
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Thank you for your interest in the Women in Electronics Mentorship Program. Should you need assistance or have any questions, please contact us directly at [email protected].

Monica Highfill, Executive Director/Mentorship Program Chair