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Why Does This Matter to the Bottom Line?

Although women earn almost 60% of college degrees and more than ½ of graduate-school degrees and are a critical component of the workforce, data and research suggest that their skills and value are not fully optimized. 

  • Women represent 5.6% of S&P 500 chief executives and 18% of board members of Fortune 1000 firms
  • Multiple studies have found that adding women to all-male teams leads to greater financial success
  • Firms with the most female board members outperform those with the least female board members by almost every financial measure
  • Companies whose top management is at least 1/2 female see returns on equity that are 19% higher than average

Why Sponsor WE?

Your partnership with WE is an investment in your internal talent and the industry as a whole. Gender Diversity and inclusion measures across all facets of the Electronics Industry are essential for growth for the future success of the industry. The time is now! Your support helps WE provide valuable programs, speakers, content, and networking opportunities to our members and ultimately gives back to you as a sponsor well.

Benefits of WE Sponsorship:

  • Outward Expression and Support of Gender Diversity and Inclusion Programs
  • Enhancement of Internal Women’s Leadership Programs
  • Talent Retention Through Development
    • Women in Electronics Annual Conference
    • Virtual Leadership Trainings and Webinars
    • Virtual US Chapter Meetings and European Division Meetings
    • Talent Recruitment Through Investing in Gender Diversity
    • Cost Savings in Internal Training & Development Programs
    • Leadership Coaching Through Mentorship Program
    • Specialized Collaboration at Industry Events
    • Company Promotion Through WE Radio, WE Events, WE Website, and WE Social Media 
    • Relevant and Useful Research and Data Through WE Wire and Resource Center

To learn more about how you can support Women in Electronics, contact [email protected] and our Executive Team members will be happy to schedule a discussion.