About WE


Fueled by authenticity, courage and commitment, Women in Electronics (WE) is a community of progressive leaders at all stages of their careers dedicated to expanding the opportunities for women in the electronics industry, industrial industry, and related markets.


“WE” was formed in the fall of 2017 by a group of 20 inaugural women coming from all over the country to meet for the first conference in Laguna Beach, CA. The group was built with the premise of women working collaboratively to find inspiration, strength, and empowerment through a sense of community. We set our sights high with four common objectives. Learn more about the "Why" behind the "WE".   

Empower women through virtual event discussion groups.
Develop women with our Life Balance Series and Professional and Personal Leadership Development Program.
Advocate for ourselves and others through the professional career coaching in the Mentorship Program. 
Celebrate the accomplishments and advancement of women.